Fire At Night

by The Glenrustles

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This is the Glenrustles' third album, released on SMA Records in November of 1997. The Glenrustles began as a folk-rock group in 1988 in Minneapolis MN. Within a few years they turned into fierce LSD gobbling rockers, headlining twin cities venues such as the 7th Street Entry, the Uptown Bar, and the 400. "Fire At Night" was recorded in the midst of personnel changes within the band, most notably the return of drummer Glen Mattson, and the departure of clown prince guitarist Jim Kennedy. This is considered by many, including band leader Rich Mattson, to be their finest album.


released November 12, 1997

Rich Mattson: lead vocal and guitar
Greg McAloon: bass
Glen Mattson: drums
Jim Kennedy: guitar and vocals
Rob Gilboe: drums
Graham Gregorich: guitar
Leo Kuelbs: drums - "Figured Out" and "Sleepers"



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The Glenrustles Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Glenrustles were a great drunken rock and roll band in the late 80's - 90's Minneapolis music/drinking/tripping scene featuring the two heavy-footed Iron Range brothers Rich and Glen Mattson, singer/songwriter/guitarist and drumber (sic), respectively along with comedian-at-large (also from the Range) Jim Kennedy and bassist Russell Bergum, who was later replaced by Mpls' own Greg McAloon. ... more

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Track Name: Last Hurrah
It wasn't quicksand it was only mud..
But still it went way down deep
Goin' home with stinking feet
The last hurrah and isn't it sweet? Taste it twice when you're on your knees...
Track Name: Vacate
Gonna take a little vacation out west
Gonna kick over a rattlesnake nest
Gonna meet some new people there
Gonna find out that they're the same everywhere
But surroundings differ
And drinks are stiffer
Bars are open later
Gonna meet Darth Vader...
Track Name: Figured Out
Just 'coz I got a hundred bucks don't mean I gotta buy something big
Just 'coz you got a lotta love don't mean you gotta give it to me
Track Name: Whole Lotta Nothing
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a whole lot of nothing took place
We sat on our asses, made drinks in tall glasses and waited for the girls to show up
Oh just nothing would happen we'd be kicked back and slackin' we couldn't have had any cares
What would become of those teenage rebellions that never ever even came close?
Track Name: Tumbellina
Slipping on the scratchy surface
Hit the bottom scratches the face
Twirling, swirling 'round the pylon
Ballerina who's the eyes on
Tumbellina she can't make it
Tumbellina she can't fake it
Falling, pacing, yellow laces following her heels
Her auto's rusted floorboard sinks
And in her helpless mind she thinks
Of days to come, not days gone by
She's a woman and she never cries
Tumbellina's forced to face it
Tumbellina's mind can't brace it
It rings above the sounds of hate that whisper from the streets
Oh and Tumbellina somewhere in there something's pretty
Oh and how Tumbellina helps herself without the city
Out of the helpless life she holds
A grandparent is growing old
She thinks about the days gone by and slowly starts to cry
Track Name: Make a Wish
It don't make no sense?
Try making a wish
Try watching the moon
Try counting the stars
You are never far from where you started
Track Name: Clingy
No way in hell I'll ever be sleepin'
When I know what kind of banana bread you'll be bringin'
Track Name: Sleepers
Drummer faces, sad embraces
Peek a boo, I can see you
Lost at the market
The car where'd you park it?
When everyone's leavin'
I'm gonna get even
Track Name: Desolation Underground
Desolation underground
Destination somewhere 'round here
I only needed you
When I needed to
Cry on your shoulder
I'm so much older now
Track Name: Fire At Night
Fire at night
Oh such a sight
Kind of eerie in my mind
Don't know what you might find
In the dark up on the hill
There's a fire burning out of control
In the dark-
What a thrill!